I received a grill a few summers ago, but I got it just when I started to cook mostly vegetarian meals at home. It was a hand me down grill and I didn’t want to pass up getting a free grill. But how much grilled asparagus can a guy make? Not being familiar with vegetarian grilling I started to do some research and found some sweet recipes. One that I really really liked was this grilled salad recipe I saw on a PBS cooking show. Grilled salad!? You can do that?

It turns out you can, and it’s glorious! I had no idea I would love grilled lettuce so much. Who says the grill is only for hot dogs and steak? Shout out to the cooking show Simply Ming for the win! PBS cooking shows are the best!

The recipe calls for pancetta which I left out. Other than that, it was pretty easy to follow.


Grilled Tri-Color Greens with Feta Ceasar

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