Three weeks ago I successfully got all the drywall up in my bedroom project.  Three weeks ago.  I’m still not finished with the mudding and sanding process, but I’m getting close.  Before I could finish that, I needed to finish a built-in display case.  And to do that, we needed to go to my dad’s garage, or as I call it, Santa’s Workshop.

It was a simple design and I assumed it would have taken two days to finalize it.  I was hoping for one, but I was being realistic.  Well, it ended up taking two weekends.  I had measured and re-measured but one part I messed up and we had to take it apart and rebuild it.  We had glued, screwed, and nailed all of our seams.  You know what?  All of those things together made it very hard to take apart.  But we did it and finally got it in place.

I finally got the attic space behind the display case insulated, the last piece of drywall locked in, and am almost done mudding.  I’m hoping we can put trim up this weekend making it ready to prime, and soon paint.

I’m sick of staying in the living suite in my house, but working on the house is the last thing I want to do this summer.  I’m so close to make in into phase two.  I just have to keep pushing.

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3 thoughts on “GOING SLOW… VERY SLOW…

  1. You can do it! I am ready to help prime and paint. Just think of the final project and how beautiful it will be.

  2. Nice job on the drywall. Ceiling too, eh? Dead man support, or “dad man” support on that job? 🙂
    Good luck, and you’re almost there. Keep going!!

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