IMG_8459editDear Ellie,

Happy Birthday! You are now officially a proud 3 year old. Congratulations!

It’s amazing to think that you’ve been in our lives for 3 years already. In some ways it seems like you’ve always been with us. And other times it feels like just yesterday you were born. I certainly remember your birth like it was yesterday. It’s one of the best experiences and happiest days of my life. You changed my life and the path I would take for the rest of my life.

You never cease to amaze me as I see you grow, learn, and watch your personality bloom. You’ve flourished and experienced so much this year and have so much to be proud of.

Your imagination has exploded! It’s so fun to watch you go grocery shopping, count invisible pennies, cook dinners, and prepare tea all in the comfort our home. You love to help me in the kitchen mixing, pouring, and stirring. You love to help me make coffee and get upset if you don’t get to push the button. You want to “help” with everything. You even crack the eggs when I’m making scrambled eggs. But let’s stay away from the knives for awhile though.

Your brain is hard at work. Sometimes you can just see your thoughts while you are figuring things out. Your vocabulary has grown exponentially this past year and not only can you carry on conversations in English now, but also in Japanese with your mama, Gigi, and Miko-chan.

And all the “firsts” you’ve had this year. Your first time at the beach. Your first time trick-or-treating. Your first time using chopsticks. Your first movie theater experience, and your first live concert. You made your first snowman and snow angels. And the biggest one of all, you are now a proud big sister. Or “Big sister bear” as you prefer to be called.

You are such an excellent big sister too. I know there are times when you get mad and frustrated when you don’t understand things, but you have a kind gentle heart. I know you love your “sister bear.” When we are out in public you show her off to the adults, “This is Chloe!” and protect her from other kids. “My sister bear!”

You are also fiercely independent and stubborn. At times this can frustrate your mama and I, but we know you are going to grow up with strong convictions and will protect those that you love.

We couldn’t be more proud of you Ellie! We feel privileged and excited to watch you become you. Today you deserve to celebrate! Time for cupcakes!

I love you Ellie, Happy Birthday!




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