I declared that I wanted a Day of Lazy. A day jam packed of doing a whole lot of nothing. I had it all planned out. I prepped the crockpot for dinner the night before so I wouldn’t need to cook. I purchased a bag of Lay’s BBQ chips while grocery shopping this week. I dropped Ellie off at my mom’s in the morning. I stopped at Dunkin’Donuts for a sour cream donut, and at Burger King for a Whopper value meal on my way home. All I needed to do was go home and park myself on the couch and hang out with my best friend; NetFlix… and eat… and nap.

I haven’t had a dedicated lazy day in quite a while. The last time I sat on the couch all day and did nothing was when I was sick. Although it was nice to relax, it’s hard to fully enjoy it when you feel like someone is putting a power drill through your skull and your body feels like you’ve been severely beaten with a sack of door knobs. And since I’m not sick now, I’m especially excited about this. There is just something special about drifting off to sleep on the couch with a pile of potato chip crumbs on your shirt.

So I think I’ll start out with a donut, some coffee, and a few History Channel documentaries to get me started. Next I’ll tackle my burger while watching some movie I’m not super excited about because I’ll probably drift off to sleep. After I wake up I’ll start devouring the bag of chips and a movie I really want to see. Out of the 300+ items in my NetFlix instant streaming queue, I think I’ll find something that’ll fit my mood. Maybe a foreign movie, maybe a coming-of-age tale, maybe a Steven Segal movie, or maybe a historic drama. The possibilities are endless. But one thing for sure is that there will be no dirty diapers, no cooking, no fixing bottles, no bribing a baby to take a nap, and no guilt. It’s going to be a good day.

You know, on second thought, I should get one more donut.

Because I deserve it.


  1. Today, I was blessed with her happy & glad to see you 'efforts' ,twice where she got it on both of us. We had wrestlemania every time there was a diaper change and a 'I don't know what's wrong' screaming, body writhing challenge after the nap. Yes, you totally deserved a lazy day. (We also had quite a lot of playtime, too.) 🙂

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