Evelyn and Ellie were sporting their matching skirts my friend Kelly and I made for them in sewing class. Once Kelly selected the fabrics and colors for Evelyn, I couldn’t help but copy the same concept.

3 thoughts on “BFFs!!!

  1. Those are so cute! I just started following your blog, so I hand’t read about the sewing class – I enjoyed your post about that too. I’ve been thinking about taking one myself, but the social aspect is holding me back! Can’t say your post calmed my fears:-B

    1. Oh no! I wouldn’t want anything I wrote to ever discourage from anybody trying anything new. I tend to have a lot of internal social anxiety. So i try to push my boundaries to break out of it when I can. Although awkward at times, I have been enjoying the learning to sew aspect and it’s been a nice creative outlet. If you’re thinking of taking a class, I say go for it!

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