SNIP SNIP (I’m Talking About Coupons)

Over the summer I was given access to Aya’s coupon book and had some mild success with my first coupon experience. However, I found working within Aya’s system of coupons was not working for me. I wasn’t against coupons, I just needed my own system. If she wouldn’t give me control of her book, I was going to start my own!

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We recently finished a major renovation on our bedroom. I say finished loosely because it’s not quite finished yet. And just like many other home projects, it’s always those small little details that get lost in the shuffle. So it’s no surprise that I still need to refinish the vent cover for the air supply into the room. Right now it’s just a big open hole. Knowing how many Matchbox cars I lost as a kid, I knew it was just a matter of time before Ellie dropped something in.

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I’m a little disappointed with my garden harvest this year. Usually we have bags and bags of tomatoes. I’m usually trying to get rid of my over abundance of eggplants and green peppers. And right about this time of year, I’m usually so sick of zucchini that I can barely stand to look at it. But not this year. This year has been a very small harvest. Some blame the weather, but I know the real culprit. The butternut squash.

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Cleaning the house. We all have to do it at some point.

Some people like to do it, some people despise it, and some people, whether they like to or not, that little voice in their head won’t let them rest unless everything is in its place and cleaned.

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I do the grocery shopping for our house. I plan the meals, I check the sales paper, and I make the list. I got this. I even use those eco bags, too. I have a system. It may not be very practical, but it works for me. I usually go Monday mornings and I start in produce. I usually have my list memorized (which is good because I forget it in the car half the time) so I only look at the list when I think I’m done. I get in, I shop quickly, and I get out.

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