It’s funny how all winter I was praying for summer to come so I could be outside. And summer did come and it was awesome. And then it got hot. Really hot. All this intense heat we’ve had lately kind of forced Ellie and me indoors again. We were getting antsy,again. I wasn’t expecting this feeling until maybe January. I know I wasn’t the only one, either.



Our friends were arriving at different times and at different places.  The first group, Andy, Angela, Matthew, and Whitney, went straight to my brother’s house.  I decided to meet them over there with Ellie.  After the general hellos and all, we needed a plan because it was getting close to Ellie’s nap time.  It was perfect, we could all go mallwalking!

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I had ordered my new wheels and I couldn’t wait for them to come in. No, I wasn’t getting a new car. Something more practical. Something I’d actually use more than a new car. A new stroller! The current stroller was just a frame that the car seat clips into. It was perfect for us while Ellie was small, and we didn’t want to deal with the big, bulky travel system stroller. But she was getting bigger and we wanted her to start sitting in a forward facing stroller. After researching, we found the one that was going to work for us. The City Mini by Baby Jogger. It had “patented quick-fold technology that allows you to fold your stroller in one simple step.” Also, “eight-inch quick-release EVA wheels with sealed ball bearings.” Not to mention the “swivel front wheel for quick and agile maneuverability.” Jealous? I don’t blame you. I picked the purple color with grey trim because it seemed unique and dynamic. Needless to say, I was excited for it to arrive. And even more excited to take that bad boy out for a spin.

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I knew it was going to be an interesting day when Ellie woke up earlier than usual.  And not only earlier, but cranky.  And not just cranky.  Crying, twitching, fussy, whining.  It never fails that when she has a rough day, it happens to be on a day I feel particularly tired and worn out.  However, I still had hope that I could turn that frown upside down.  But when she barely took her morning bottle and whine-ily squirmed off my lap, my hopes started to fade. Continue reading “RTF IS BACK, WITH A VENGEANCE”


Other than talking to my Mom on a regular basis, I also talk to my good friend Haniyyah.  We used to be coworkers at my last job until she moved to Chicago about two years ago.  She, my friend Meghan, and I all sat in the same studio.  After working on the same project for two years, we all became not only friendly coworkers, but good friends.  We all worked hard, but we brought an element of fun to our project that was otherwise extremely stressful and demanding.  Where Meghan made it very clear we were only FFs, you could say that Haniyyah and I are BFFs.  Haniyyah also has a daughter and is a stay-at-home parent like me.  So when we gab like two old ladies on the phone, we don’t talk about deadlines or TV shows anymore.  We exchange recipes, and discuss our children’s sleep schedules and poop.  Their poop, not ours.  Anyways, she was coming to town with her daughter, and we decided to take the kids mallwalking. Continue reading “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES”