It’s that time again. To have another magical mythical person/creature come into my kid’s bedroom in the middle of the night. It’s time for the infamous Tooth Fairy to grace us with her presence, again. To sprinkle her tooth glitter and magically collect some teeth. The Tooth Fairy was quite busy over here for a while with Ellie. She’s already lost eight baby teeth. But lately, Chloe has been dropping some teeth. To see Chloe so proud and so excited to have a visit from the Tooth Fairy is just so cute. She even had Ellie help her craft a letter .

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It’s funny how things happen sometimes. You think you have things under control. You think you’ve thought of every angle and that you are in the clear, or at least on the right path. But then out of nowhere, the unexpected happens. What am I talking about specifically? I spent a good two weeks working on Ellie’s sleep schedule with as much focus as if I was trying to figure out string theory. And just as things were starting to smooth out and go well, someone slapped me awake in the middle of the night and laughed. But who, you ask? None other than, Bruce the Molar King. I hate that guy.

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Ever since my last stand off with the Reverse Tooth Fairy, I’ve been on my toes. I’ve been very watchful in anticipation of her return. I know it’s inevitable for her to return, but at least I can be prepared. This chick is getting pretty sneaky though. While I’ve been preoccupied looking out for her, she enlisted her older brother, Bruce the Molar King, to join her forces. This guy doesn’t let up and he’s just plain mean.

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Ellie has never been a good napper. I’ve accepted it. I may whine and complain about it sometimes, but I’ve accepted it. So when the Reverse Tooth Fairy strikes and disrupts her naps, it isn’t that shocking.

One thing Ellie’salways been good at is eating. I can be walking to her from across the room and she’ll have her mouth open waiting for a spoonful of food. Sometimes during snack time, I’ll sit on the couch with a spoonful of yogurt and she’ll walk over to the spoon with her mouth open. She’ll run back and forth from the spoon stopping for a bite. I’ll just sit there. It’s like a reverse airplane situation. Instead of the spoon being the airplane, her mouth is. “Raaawwwwwrrrr… This is Captain Ellie coming in for a food pick, clear the runway! Raaawwwwrrrrr!” However, recently the Reverse Tooth Fairy has been getting bold. She’s ventured beyond using her typical tactics of destroying naps. She’s now messing with her eating habits.

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