Dear Chloe,

Today you are three! You still think you are two, and you insist that five is after three, but only in regards to your age. You also insist that “Chloe” starts with an “E.” We’ll work on it. This is going to be your year. I can feel it.

With Ellie off at kindergarten expanding her world, you get to stay home with me and exert some independence. We are going to go on lots of walks, go to lots of places, do tons of playing, and makes a million drawings all without the watchful eye of your domineering older sister. You will even get to go to an art class just for you!

One of my favorite things is your drawings. The way you quietly concentrate and meticulously draw eyes complete with eyelashes is enchanting. When you draw me, you always study my face and make sure to include my glasses and my beard. In your own unique style of course.

You are a lover, a hugger, and a bully of a cuddler. So much that you like to put your hands around our throats. Should I be worried? I love spending time with just you. Your playful, innocent, calming energy is a privilege to be around. If life was a big stack of homemade pancakes, you are the strawberries and whipped cream on top.

I’m really excited to see you blossom and grow into your own so much more this year.





IMG_4066_editWe enjoyed a nice birthday brunch for Chloe including her favorites. Pancakes, quinoa and kale (I know, right?), and fruit salad. Ellie was so excited for Chloe’s birthday gathering. More excited than Chloe was. She sang to her as soon as she woke up and she wanted to “sit by the birthday girl!” She even wrapped up a pine cone as a gift and couldn’t wait for Chloe to open it. Chloe, in her typical chill demeanor, really enjoy Ellie being her mother hen through all of it.

IMG_4091_editIMG_4080_editWe topped of the gathering with my Japanese strawberry shortcake made on request from Chloe, complete with a Minnie and Minnie cake topper. I loved our simple family gathering for her birthday. I think it definitely suited Chloe and her personality.

IMG_4111_editBN2U1625_editIMG_4136_editHappy Birthday!


  1. You brightened my day. The girls are beautiful and your letter supports that statement. Thanks for sharing.

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