This week, of Wyandotte joined us for our tasting. Tammy is the executive director for the Downriver Council for the Arts. She and I happen to be related, too.

The DCA has a series of throughout the month of August. Also, local artist Denise Bloom will have her work on display for the whole month of August at the DCA. Go check it out!

Tammy had been to the before, but only had the typical vanilla chocolate twist. Selecting a nonchocolate or vanilla flavor was new territory for her. I handed her the list that highlighted the available selections. I chose caramel, Aya chose lemon and Tammy decided to go for a weird flavor–cotton candy.

Oh no! I’ve been dreading that flavor, but I knew it would have to happen sooner or later. But you know what? Sometimes not everything is as it seems.


I was looking forward to lemon because of the . Past experience predicted that it would be like lemons and cream, but I was still expecting a lemony punch. I wanted to make that sour lemon face, but I didn’t. It was smooth and mild. Good, but not great. Tammy gave it 4 spoons; Aya and I gave it 3.


Do you pronounce it car-mel? Or care-a-mel? For me, I think it depends on the final product. In this case it’s car-mel. But when referring to a Twix, I’d probably say care-a-mel. Mmmm Twix. Anyway, this rates up there with Amaretto. It was good, really good, but I wouldn’t get it again. Tammy and I gave it 4 spoons, but Aya felt pretty strong on this–enough to give it 4.5 plastic spoons! Whoa! She’s not even a big fan of caramel. Or carmel!

Cotton Candy

First of all, I don’t like cotton candy. I never have. I think it’s a really good concept and I appreciate the idea, but when it comes down to it, it’s pretty awful. It’s like eating building insulation with sugar on it. It’s dry and way too sweet and I feel itchy after I’ve eaten it. So with that, I was not looking forward to trying this flavor. But there we were.

I was surprised when they handed us blue ice cream.Blue!? We did order cotton candy right? When I picture cotton candy, I always think pink. Alright, let’s do this. Not only was I expecting pink, but also for it to also feel furry and taste super sugary. So essentially I was expecting a pink Furby eating Nerds. But to my surprise, it was really good. Like really good! I would order this again for sure! Aya gave it a strong 4 for the unexpected factor, and Tammy and I gave it 4.5 spoons! I almost gave it a 5, but I think that was the excitement talking. After another try, I might re-evaluate.

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