What did I ever do to you!?  I’m sick of these games you are playing.  It’s like you are dangling a raw steak in front of a dog.  You are torturing Ellie, and you are antagonizing me.  Did they not teach ethics in fairy school?  I’m not even sure you graduated from Fairy School.  Are you even certified?  Your cousin the Tooth Fairy seems to have a much more effective operation.  Not very profitable, but at least people welcome her.  You on the other hand are a disgrace to all fairies and should be disbarred from the fairy council. Do you think just because you have an official title you can abuse your power and do whatever you want?  What is it that you want?  Your cousin gives money away.  I suppose you want some?  Are you holding Ellie’s two front teeth ransom?  What’s your price?  I’ll gladly pay it, and I’ll even chip in to get you new wings.  Meet me in the alley behind my house tomorrow at midnight.  Come alone.

P.S.  I don’t like you being in my daughter’s room at night.  Whatever you need to do, you can do it just fine during the day in the living room.




  1. Grrrr… Is she is pain?
    BTW love the pic of her kneeling by the front door. She's becoming a little person!!!! Very exciting!!

  2. Dear Reverse Tooth Fairy, I realize that you took Matt's suggestion and made a visit during the day although it was at Grandma's. It was not a pleasant visit. I will add to the ransom that you desire just so my little Ellie can get those 2 front teeth already! Please stop teasing her!

  3. Dear RTF,
    It is bad enough that you are sending Jacob 4 new teeth at the same time. Was the double ear infection and upper respiratory infection that the Doctor blamed on you really necessary???????????????????
    PS. Matt your little Ellie is a DOLL. We have never met, but your Aunt Darlene is my niece. Our Grand Baby, Jacob is 8 months old so we can empathize right along with you.

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