Tonight we had dinner out at a neighborhood bar, which is very different from the bars we know here.  There are no TVs, pool tables, juke boxes, and dart boards.  You take your shoes off and sit on the floor and eat all kinds of things they call “bar food.”

They first brought out a small bowl with two small chunks of fish in it.  This is complimentary and is kind of like a bar back home giving you a basket of popcorn or beer nuts for free.  After that you just start ordering a bunch of different small dishes, similar to a tapas place.  They bring them out to the table as they are ready, so it was like a constant flow of food.  We ordered, mini shrimp, fried oysters, raw tuna spring rolls, salad with daicon and raw shrimp, grilled fish, kimchi and pork, eggplant and tofu au gratin, clams, and chicken meatballs in sauce.  Wow, I’m used to bar food being burgers, mini tacos, and deep fried pickles, but this wasn’t bad at all!

3 thoughts on “DINNER AT THE BAR

    1. maybe a little bit, but I think they expect it from the only American around. This bar was pretty empty when we were there.

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