My cousin got Ellie this thing for Christmas called “Fridge Phonics.”  You put it on the fridge and it has all 26 letters you click into place and push a button.  Once the button is pressed it sings a song.

B says Bu, Every letter makes a sound and B says Bu

It’s the catchiest song you’ll ever hear in your life and I have it stuck in my head 24 hours a day.  And Ellie hasn’t even really started playing with it yet, just me.  Since I have letters stuck in my head, I think in terms of letters all day long.  If I’m not singing it, I’m thinking it.  While making Ellie’s breakfast I was singing this.  E is for Egg, P is for Pan, B is for Banana.  Every letter makes a sound and B says Bu!  I’m annoying myself, but I can’t stop it.  I even got it stuck in my friend’s head while talking on the phone.  F is for Phone!

If that’s not annoying enough, I ended up bringing it down from the fridge to let Ellie play with it.  She was actually clicking the different letters in and out, but she got stuck on M.  Once M was clicked in she picked it up and started walking around the house pressing the button over and over and over… and over again.  But she wouldn’t let the song play through so it sounded like the techno remix version.

This is DJ Alphabet kickin’it with the 2011 reee-mix!!!

M. M. M. M. M says Mmm.  M says. M says Mmm.  Every letter makes a. M. M says Mmm. M says Mmm Every letter makes a sound and M says Mmm. M. M. MMMMMMMM….

The only thing it was missing was a back-beat, a siren, and a strobe light.  I can see how this toy is highly effective at helping anyone learn the alphabet.  It’s catchier than any pop song ever written.  It’s like a virus.  V is for Virus!  It gets in your head and it won’t stop.  Nothing can stop it.  It changes and adapts with all the other letters until you’re brainwashed into knowing the whole alphabet.  And if you already know the alphabet, you’re gonna learn it again.

Every letter makes a sound…

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