It’s funny how a little kid not even two years old can be a bully and push you around. Ellie knows where the crackers are and she likes to ask for them. Actually, demand them. “Cackas! Cackas!” When it’s snack time I give in and let her have some. We usually have four different types on-hand. Some I guess are more cookie like, and some are like those snack bars with a fruit filling. All of these are known as “cackas.” You would think someone wouldn’t be so choosy when begging.

I offered her the Honey Sticks first. “No!” was her response. Then I offered her the Crunchin’Crackers. “No!” again. How about the Very Vanilla Cookies? “No!” Finally she settled on the apple flavored snack bar. She smiled and did the little food dance she does when she’s excited about what she’s going to eat. (She gets that from Aya)

She had a few bites and then she offered me a bite. Aww, that’s nice, thank you. Then she offered me another, and then another. It was polite at first, and then she started getting forceful. “Go on dad, have a bite, it’s good… Seriously, try it… Eat it! Come on, eat the cracker, I said so!! I SAID EAT IT!!!” When I declined her forceful offer, she threw the two pieces of snack bar at me and stormed off into the other room crying. Jeez, why don’t you cry about it.

I guess this is how she sees it when I’m trying to feed her vegetables. But I don’t storm off and cry, only on the inside.

Maybe I need a new approach.

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