Joining us this week is Melanie McCoy, general manager of Wyandotte Municipal Services. WMS has launched the “Save a Watt in Wyandotte” home energy audit program. This program is aimed to help Wyandotte residents get free, deeply-discounted energy-efficient upgrades. If you haven’t scheduled your free home audit yet, click here for more information. Just think about how much more ice cream you could buy if you saved extra on your home energy bill.

Coming off of last week’s multiple 5 plastic spoon ratings, I was a little lost at what to select next. I knew it was unlikely to have more exciting 5 ratings, but I was pleasantly surprised with what was chosen: banana, praline, and butterscotch.


I usually don’t like artificial banana-flavored things, such as banana-flavored candy or gum. But I do like bananas, more so than I ever thought. I love banana cheesecake, banana crepes with Nutella drizzled over them, banana French toast with a little cinnamon and nutmeg, and that banana pudding with the vanilla wafers. Yeah, that stuff is awesome. Even my current favorite Razzle from the is banana cheesecake with banana ice cream, bananas, and chunks of cheesecake in it. So with my banana background, it’s no surprise that I gave it 4 plastic spoons. It’s not an overpowering fake banana flavor and stands on its own pretty well. Aya and Melanie gave it 3 spoons.


I’ve recently discovered how good pralines can be, but I still avoid that nutty stuff in ice cream. But to my surprise, this was really good. If I wasn’t really in a chocolate mood, or a fruit mood, I’d put this in my rotation for sure. It might even be a good base for a Razzle to mix in some other fixins’. We all gave this a strong 4 plastic spoons rating.


I don’t have much emotion (or experience) when it comes to butterscotch. I remember having butterscotch pudding as a kid, or once in a great while have butterscotch syrup on a homemade sundae. It’s not bad, but I would never request it. I don’t even really know what it is. Does it have scotch in it? So after a brief on-line search it seems the main ingredients are butter and brown sugar. No scotch that I could find. So how can something loaded with butter and sugar be bad? Well, in our little group of three, we didn’t think it was bad at all. We all gave it 4.5 plastic spoons! Almost a 5, but not quite.

We have 15 flavors left, including the dreaded “licorice” looming ahead.

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