Halloween is a big deal in my family. It just is. And with us being away on Halloween, I felt the need to find some sort of Halloween activity to get Ellie involved in. Even if it was Japan, there had to be something we could take her to. And while we were out one day at the local mall, I found just the thing. A Halloween Parade!

We had no idea what to expect with it being in Japan, but it would be another excuse to get Ellie in her costume. But what would a Japanese Halloween Parade be like?

When we walked up, there was a small stage with kids in costumes standing on it, and then a paparazzi mob of parents clicking and snapping pictures. What’s going on? Where’s the parade? We didn’t know what to do, but Ellie wanted to go on the stage.

Once she was, she looked around like, “What is going on here?” And then she looked back at us like, “Huh?” We didn’t know what was going on either. But as soon as the lady in the Tigger costume came by to say hello, she wanted to get off the stage.

After the paparazzi madness, the “parade” started. This consisted of all the kids lining up behind an adult wearing a witch hat chanting, “trick or treat… trick or treat.” After about five minutes, they returned. Once Ellie saw the escalator she wanted to go on that instead and forgot about the parade.

But that’s okay. It was more of an excuse for us to put her in her costume anyway.

Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN PARADE!

  1. So nice to see you’re keeping the tradition alive even though you’re away from the states. And even better to see what they do in Japan. How nice. How wonderful for Ellie. She’s so adorable!

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