Seriously. How can one little baby produce so much poop? I think she lost half her bodyweight this morning. And then a little bit later, she had an after-poop that was still quite impressive. But talk about being in a good mood. I mean, after that kind of effort, wouldn’t anyone be? She was extra smiley, and crawling faster. Apparently, she was lighter after all.

We use cloth diapers, so we can’t just wrap it up and throw it away. I need to move the debris from the diaper into the toilet. I do this using a spatula. Or as I like to call it, a sh*t stick. It’s kinda like scooping out the insides of a cantaloupe. Except this cantaloupe isn’t orange, it’s green. And it doesn’t smell like fruit either. It still looks like it has seeds though. So you hold the diaper with one hand, and scrape with the other. KURPLUNK! But today, I wasn’t prepared with my sh*t stick, so I had to leave her “efforts” unattended to for a little while. Well, I forgot about it. Her room gets a lot of direct sun in the morning. So when I went back up, it had been baking in the sun for some time. Have you ever been to a picnic and by the end of the day the potato salad has been sitting in the sun, too long? Or have you ever left a casserole in the oven too long, and it’s really diffuclt to clean the pan. The same would apply to this baking scenario. So my advice is: don’t leave your dish in the sun too long, and never travel too far without your sh*t stick.

After her “efforts”

The sh*t stick

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