Joining us for this week’s tasting is Natalie, the director Downtown Development Authority. The DDA is responsible for the recruitment of new businesses and developing the downtown through design, as well as planning many events and activities that occur downtown. Be sure to check out the Wine Crawl in downtown Wyandotte later this week in conjunction with the monthly Third Friday event.

The flavors we tried this week didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. Maybe it’s because I was feeling tired and worn out after a busy day? But when I decided to do this taste test, I vowed I would never let my personal emotions get in the way my taste test job. With the intense pressure of such , sometimes the flavor you really want to eat, you just can’t. So I had to make a personal sacrifice and try three flavors I was not excited about–raspberry, maplenut and white chocolate. To make up for it though, I went back a few days later and got a Snickers Razzle with extra hot fudge and caramel syrup. Mmmm… Hot fudge…


I’m finding that most of the fruit flavors seem to be diluted. They taste good, but they seem like they need an extra shot of flavor, with the exception of . But , and now raspberry would all be a little better if they had a little more oomph. Raspberry is usually one berry that packs a big punch. It just didn’t come across in ice cream form. Natalie and Aya gave it four spoons, but I gave it three.

White Chocolate

We were all surprised at this because it did not taste like white chocolate at all. It didn’t taste bad. I actually liked it, but it lost a point for not even being close to what it was supposed to taste like. Natalie said it tasted like coffee and we all agreed. There was nothing white or chocolate about it. This got three spoons across the board for not being close to its flavor name.


Aya selected this one and it’s not a surprise. When we get ice cream with her parents, they all select “fancy” flavors, like rum raisin or maplenut. I feel like her parents look at me weird when I order something like moosetracks. (This is surprising because her parents live in a country where you can get raw horse-flavored ice cream.) I thought I was missing out on those “fancy” flavors until I tried maplenut ice cream. To me, it tasted like maple syrup on ice cream. Actually, that’d make a good Razzle. Vanilla ice cream, pancakes, blueberries and syrup all in a blender.  Mmm… Who needs maplenut ice cream? Aya and Natalie gave it four plastic spoons; I gave it three.

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