We were invited to our friend Riki’s house for dinner with his family tonight.  Riki is an excellent cook.  His daughter Joi just graduated from the fifth grade and loved playing with Ellie.  Ellie was definitely soaking up the attention from everyone too.  The weather was perfect, the company was great, and the food was fantastic. Riki made homemade Vietnamese spring rolls, Acqua Pazza, pasta with fresh clams and trompette mushrooms, and affogato for dessert.  Thanks Riki, your family is lucky to have you as a cook!

Vietnamese spring rolls are wrapped in rice paper and aren’t deep fried. Really refreshing, but very labor intensive. Riki’s had shrimp, pork, rice noodles, lettuce, cucumber, and green onions wrapped.

Literally translated, Acqua Pazza means “crazy water” in Italian. It refers to a recipe for poached white fish, and there are numerous variations of it. Riki used tilapia for tonight.

Affogato is an Italian dessert with vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over. So simple, yet SO GOOD.

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