2013_03_22These obviously didn’t have the same presence as real meatballs, but were a nice alternative. Baking them gave them a crispy outside which helped balance the more mushy inside.I think mine were a little mushy because my mushrooms and lentils were more finely chopped instead of coarsely shopped using the food processor. I have just a small one and had to do it in small batches. Plus, Ellie wanted to “help” so I lost a little focus. Either way, I think they turned out good. I liked this meat replacement more than the vegan stuffed cabbage filling I made. Aya really liked it, but Ellie did not.

I just used a jarred tomato basil pasta sauce and added some finely chopped carrots to it and served it with a salad.


Lentil Mushroom Meatballs

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