It’s a New Year and that brings for me, a new site with a new look.  I now own and operate my very own website domain.  Welcome to my page!  Please bear with me as I’m still finalizing the layout and getting used to the new set-up and format.  A special thanks to my friends who have been helping me with the graphics and technical aspects of the site.

With the New Year here and my new site up and running, I’m very excited for this.  Ellie and I are still getting over our colds, but we’re ready to do this.  Well, kinda…  Actually I’m a little nervous, too.  As Monday approaches and Aya goes back to work I’ll be home alone again.  Alone to reestablish my own routine, and spend some good quality time with Ellie, but also alone with a sick walking baby that hasn’t been napping all week.  However, she is the happiest, giggliest kid who has been chatting and saying words.  “Hi… Hi…” (while waving) or “Eyes… Eyes…” (as she points at my eyes)  So tomorrow I’m going to do a preemptive grocery shopping and get my menu and my week in order, because come Monday, we’re back in the groove.  I have a lot on the agenda for this year so I need a good start.

Just a few things I’m looking forward to in 2011:

  • Ellie’s one year birthday is just weeks away!  We aren’tplanning a big event, but needless to say, it’s an exciting milestone.
  • Library time starts again this month.  It is divided between “walkers” and “crawlers.”  Ellie has graduated to the “walkers” group so there should be new faces, and new folks!
  • More mallwalking with good friends to get us through the winter months.
  • Since we are members at the Detroit Institute of Arts, visiting the museum will become part of our normal rotation.
  • We are going to visit Aya’s folks in Japan in April.  Konnichiwa!  The thought of the 12 hour plane ride with a baby and dealing with Ellie adjusting to jetlag makes me want to puke.  But the thought of being back in Japan and trying new Kit-Kat flavors keeps the excitement level up.
  • Although we are still deep into winter, before you know it it’ll be time for another season of river walks and porch sittin’.
  • And lots of family time of reading books, taking walks, packing picnics, and all that other stuff…

Although I am greatly anticipating all the new exciting moments that await me in 2011, I am also very thankful for all of the opportunities, learning, and growth that I’ve experienced throughout all of 2010.  Starting with the birth of my daughter, to her first steps, and now her first words, and everything in between… wow, what a year.

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