I had to bring a dish to my sewing class potluck. And when the teacher said, “Let’s see if the young ones can cook,” I knew I didn’t want to just bring whatever. I needed something fancy but didn’t wreak of effort. Something that said, “Oh this? I just whipped this up last minute before class. What, you don’t make your own vinaigrette too?” So this is what I chose.

One lady assumed my wife made it and asked if I had to call home when they asked what was in it. And when I said I did all the cooking at my house, they said, “You do all the cooking, but can you clean windows?” Sigh… Yes I clean windows.

Anyway, what was really good about this was that the dressing wasn’t very oily. It was mostly orange juice and lemon juice. But the mustard and rice vinegar helped tone down the citrus intensity. And instead of tomatoes it has red grapes. I really liked this and it was easy to throw together. I imagine you could make this without the chicken too. I’m making it again this weekend for a family gathering.


Roasted Chicken and Bow Tie Pasta Salad


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