Salisbury steak was always one of my favorite school cafeteria meals. Nothing was better than that oval-shaped piece of beef with fake grill marks on it smothered in a super salty beef gravy accompanied by a small mound of mashed potatoes. It was the best lunch a $1.25 could buy.

It was also my favorite TV dinner meal while growing up. It was an extra special treat because we got them at most once a year. And even better was that the TV dinner version came with dessert! You know, the “berry crisp” which was really a thimble full of strawberry jelly on top of what resembled a crumbled graham cracker crust. Yum.

I had never made a real salisbury steak though. Aya was back to craving some hearty American food with mushrooms and specifically, a baked potato.

I don’t have another recipe to compare this Cooking Light version to, but we all thought it was really good. I mean, come on. It’s salisbury steak. I think it just needed a little more salt than what the recipe called for.


Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

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