Meggan and I both majored in Interior Design in college, both worked our first internship at the same place, stayed in contact as we entered the professional world, and now, we are both stay at home moms. I mean parents. We are both stay at home parents. Well, Meggan is here to share the story of her son’s name and why they chose it. Some people choose names because of how they sound, or from a family name, and some pick them because they have a lot of meaning to them.


When my husband Jim and I were in Paris a couple of years ago we met two people who would change our lives forever.  D. Rivero and Inma.  We had no idea that a few short hours of talking to those two amazing people would result in such a shift in our thinking.

Rivero was tending bar at an Irish bar, in Paris (oh yeah, and he is Spanish, and hardly speaks any French) but his real passion was helicopters.  He is a fire-fighting helicopter pilot.  His girlfriend, Inma, is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  She has dark smiling eyes, fair skin and the largest smile I have ever seen.  Not only is she beautiful, but also intelligent.  She is a solicitor in London and Spain and speaks multiple languages.  They were in Paris for six months to absorb the culture.  These two people have traveled to more countries around the world than I can count.  Their lifestyles are so much more about LIVING than about making money and punching a time clock.  They slow down and take the time to get to know a culture, a movement or a new friend.

On the last night of our trip, we sat and talked for hours, we talked about politics, our favorite beers, our travels, where we grew up, our loves and our hopes and dreams.  It seemed as though time stood still that night, nothing would slow the conversation.  There was always another story to tell or another song to play.  We have never experienced a time with another couple where we felt so connected.  It was one of the most magical evenings of my life.

Our trip to Paris was our baby-moon; our last trip before we would start a family.  We got pregnant three short months after Paris but that last night in Paris cradled our hearts like our arms would soon cradle our precious new baby.  As my belly grew we were searching for the perfect name for our new little boy.  Wanting to commemorate our trip and the love we felt with our soul mates that last night in Paris, we looked at French names. We scoured the internet and the baby name books but we just couldn’t find anything that would fit.   After a few months Jim jokingly said to me, “what about Rivero James? After Rivero & Inma, of course.” I fell in love with it instantly.

Every parent wants to give their child the world; we wanted more.  We want him to travel the world, to see all of it, to take the time to LIVE his life and experience everything he possibly can and then to do it again.  For us, Rivero was the strongest name we could give him.  We want a constant reminder for him, and for ourselves, that the world has so much to offer.  We never want him to forget that he can be anything he wants or that there  are no limits on what he can achieve.  Yes, undoubtedly we would have taught him these things, but we want  it to be right there for him to see every day.  We wanted it to be a part of his life from the beginning.  It meant so much to bestow upon our little angel a name that would mean love, friendship and the gift of living his life. A gift so precious that many of us don’t see it as attainable.  Every time I look into his beautiful blue eyes I know his name suits him. Whether he is taking my hand to lead the way, exploring the backyard or shrieking with laughter while running through a play tunnel I know he is going to LIVE his life.  He is such a happy, adventurous child; fearless but gentle.  His blue eyes sparkle with the same energy we saw in Inma’s.  He has the utmost determination to succeed.  Every day he is exploring something new, challenging himself and learning a little more about the world.  He is our prince, our world traveler.

Thank you to Rivero  & Inma, who, unbeknownst to them, changed my life that chilly night in a small Irish pub in Paris.  Thank you for showing me how to live my life and how to change the future for my family.

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  1. This was beautiful, Meggan! I actually cried a little. Thanks to you too Matt for providing the space. Your blog posts are always great!

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