IMG_9772-editAfter a long night with Chloe, to say that I am less than eager to start the day in the morning is an understatement. You know, one of those nights where you pray for morning to arrive just so the night will be over. Those nights are the worst, and the mornings following those nights are equally as terrible. When you finally get your baby to fall asleep at 5:30am and your toddler bursts into your room at 6:30am brighter than sunshine saying, “daddy daddy! It’s morning!!!” the morning is the that last thing I want to see.

To buy me some time (and to distract Ellie from waking up Chloe who just fell asleep), Aya turns on the TV for her downstairs. It’s always PBS and at 6:30am, we only assume she’s watching Cat In the Hat or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

But one afternoon, we were all playing in Ellie’s room and she stood on her rug and said, “Let’s exercise! I’ll show you,” and she climbed on all fours.

“See look! I’m a dog!” she said proudly.

It wasn’t until later that after talking to Aya that I realized what she was trying to show. The downward dog yoga pose. I also found out that cartoons don’t start until 7:00am. So from 6:30-7:00am Ellie has been watching  Priscilla Patrick do yoga stretches on TV, and apparently watching pretty intently, too.

“You’re a dog?” I asked confused.

“Yeah… I don’t like dogs though. I want a cat.”

Better her watching yoga in the morning instead of some Sham-Wow infomercial.

Namaste Ellie, Namaste.

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