One way to avoid going to the principal’s office is by taking him out for free ice cream. We invited Principal Patrick Hickey to join us for a tasting over at . It’s so come out and support at this Friday’s game as they take on Truman. Go Bears!


If pirates ate ice cream, I think this would be their flavor because this certainly tasted like rum. But that doesn’t mean it tasted good. If you like rum, or rum-flavored things, this may be the flavor for you. I think if I really wanted that rum flavor, I’d rather just get a drink instead. Patrick gave it 3 spoons, Aya gave it 4 spoons and I gave 1.5 spoons.

Irish Cream

Maybe it’s because of his Irish heritage, but this is the flavor Patrick picked. I don’t mind Irish cream every now and then, but this was a little off. It tasted like Irish cream with a coconut aftertaste. It was like listening to U2 sing the Pina Colada song. It just didn’t fit, and it didn’t sit well with me. Aya and Patrick liked it and gave it 4 plastic spoons. I, however, gave it 2 spoons. So far this trip to the Twist N Shout was not working in my favor. But there was still one more flavor to try!


They have a blackberry flavor and a black cherry flavor. I was a little confused to what I had ordered at first, but when I finally confirmed I had ordered the blackberry flavor, I was not disappointed. This had the intensity I expected from a berry-flavored ice cream. This flavor made up for the shattered dreams I had for raspberry, and was miles ahead . Aya gave it 3 spoons, Patrick gave it 4.5 spoons, and I gave it 5 plastic spoons!

We now have six flavors left! Will there be another 5-spoon rating in the remaining few? Who will be our last two guests? What flavors will they pick? So many unanswered questions! Check back next week to find the answers!

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