This was excellent! There were a lot of steps and a lot of prep. Well, actually, it was hard to tell if this was a lot of prep or if Ellie was extra active because it seemed to take forever to get this in order. Having to run to the grocery store in the middle for a forgotten ingredient with an un-napped two year old didn’t help either. But the strenuous was well worth it!

This was my first time using tomatillos too! They look like tomatoes on the outside, but once you’ve sliced them open, they look like some strange alien fruit. At least I thought. The sauce and the bean puree had great flavor and the plantain mixed with the pork added just a slight bit of sweet. I’m assuming chicken could be used as a substitute if needed. I really liked this one.


Pork and Plantain Enchiladas with Black Bean Puree


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