I’ve used ground lamb a few times here and there, but never have I done a lamb roast before. But they were on sale at the store so I figured I’d give it a try. My quick search came up with this recipe and all the commentators were raving about it. I can see why too! Holy moly, this Jamie Oliver guy knows what he’s talking about. And it was a lot easier than I thought.

The recipe calls for a 2.2lb roast to be cooked for 4 hours. Mine was just over 1lb, and I decided to cook it for 2 hours. It worked perfectly. And the sauce, woah! I was worried with the amount of fresh mint in it that I might not like it, but it was marvelous. I kind of wung it (winged it?) with the smashed vegetables though. They turned out fine. In addition to the potatoes and greens, I added a salad with fresh pomegranates and pears. Delicious!

I definitely want to make this again. Preferably for guests to show this bad boy off.


Roasted Should of Lamb with Smashed Vegetables and Greens


One thought on “Roasted Shoulder of Lamb w/ Smashed Vegetables and Greens

  1. Not only did the house smell incredible(fresh rosemary beats any scented candle!), it tasted soooo good that I wanted to lick the plate like a baby monkey. Yup.

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