took me another two to talk him into the job. – W.C. Fields

Have you ever pureed a chicken before?  I have now.  I’ve been making Ellie’s baby food.  Up to this point, it’s just been fruits and vegetables.  You throw anything in the blender and shabam, instant baby food.  But when it came time for chicken and putting it in a blender, I began to worry a little bit.  If she hated green beans and peas at first, I’m not sure how chicken is going to go over.So I fry up some chicken with a little salt and pepper, cut it into cubes and begin to puree.  It’s looks weird and not smooth enough.  So I add some water and blend again.  Now that’s a smooth chicken.  I’ve just made a chicken smoothie.  My first reaction is that this is gross.  But then I think to all the weird fancy French food and Japanese food I’ve had.  Scallops with lobster foam, squid ink pasta, and things like that.  So a chicken smoothie shouldn’t be so bad.  I taste it.  It tastes good!  I don’t know what I was expecting, but it tastes like chicken.

Now it’s time to give the chicken smoothie to Ellie.  She opens her mouth expecting something she’s used to.  She is immediately surprised at this new substance in her mouth.  She gets it down and opens for more.  But she keeps making a face, like it’s a horrible texture.  So I mix it with green beans to smooth it out.  Now we have a green bean chicken smoothie.  Maybe I should open up a smoothie stand.  I’d have the best flavors!  Beef, green beans, and apples.  Strawberry, banana, and chicken.  Matt’s smoothies are finger lickin’good!

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