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I really enjoy cooking. I like the artistic part of it. Selecting a menu with foods that my family will enjoy, all the while balancing complimentary flavors and colors. It’s my daily challenge. But sometimes life is busy and I just want a simple, quick meal. And if I can find one without sacrificing quality and taste, even better! And these shrimp foil packets are a great answer to that.

I’ve made this half a dozen times now and it’s always a crowd pleaser. My kids absolutely love it. I usually pair it with a side of rice (beans and rice pictured here) to round out the meal and a side salad to get that green color pop.

The seasoning mix is light on the cayenne pepper, so if you want a little more pep, add more pepper to crank up the volume.

If you don’t want to heat up your house with the oven on a summer day, these would also be great for the grill. While you’re at it, grill up some asparagus as a nice colorful side.

*cooking note: Baking times vary. If your ingredients are densely packed, it’ll take longer. When I make this, it takes 30 minutes for the potatoes to be fork tender and the shrimp to be cooked through.

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