Do you ever wonder if you’re really alone in your house when you are by yourself?  Do you ever feel like someone is lurking in the shadows watching you?   Do you sometimes think you catch a glimpse of something in the corner of your eye but when you take another look you don’t see anything?  I’ve been wondering these things myself lately.  I think Ellie’s room has a visitor.

It all started when I began noticing the mobile over her crib turning on and off by itself.  I didn’t think too much of it at first.  It was probably just a sticky button, or something else.  But then I started to notice that it only turned on when I was in the room with Ellie.  It didn’t turn on for Aya, or for Ellie by herself, only when I was in the room.  This also only happened during the day.  I thought that if this was a faulty mobile, of course it would turn on at other times with other people.  But I still didn’t think too much of it.  The thought of actually having a ghost sounds downright silly, right?

My whole family is into the subject of ghosts.  We all like watching ghost hunter shows and hearing if anybody had actually had a ghost encounter.  My mom and I even went to a gallery reading/ghost hunting seminar around Halloween one year just for fun.  At the end of the event, we all went to a very old cemetery to go “ghost hunting.”  We didn’t catch anything, but the brand new batteries that were put in my mom’s camera did not work at the cemetery.  They were drained within minutes!  Were they faulty batteries or was it a ghost trying to use the battery power to manifest?  Either way it made an exciting story.  So with this interest in ghosts and such, I told my mom about it.

It turned out that the same psychic who put on the Halloween ghost seminar was hosting a gallery reading type event again and my mom would be attending.  This is where the psychic has a crowd of people and talk about the spirits that “come” to her.  My dad got tickets for my mom as gift.  We aren’tpsychic nuts that arrange our calendars or make major life decisions based on what a psychic says.  It’s just fun, and there is that curiosity about the “other side.”  Anyways, after the gallery reading, my mom approached the psychic and said, “There is a mobile over my granddaughter’s crib…”  And before my mom could continue the psychic interrupted and said, “And it keeps moving by itself, right?”  And then she went on to say that it was an older man spirit trying to get my attention about a job.  Also, that because he is older, he is having a hard time dealing with me being a stay-at-home dad.  Now keep it mind, the only thing my mom said was that there was a mobile over a crib.  My first reaction was wow!  That’s so cool!  I have a ghost that’s trying to communicate with me.  Of course it’s a ghost and not a faulty mobile.  Of course this psychic is right.  Why wouldn’t she be?  She’s psychic!  But then I got mad.  I realized I’m having an old man ghost bully me about being a stay-at-home dad!?  He thinks I’m not a man and should get a real job!?  I don’t need a ghost to tell me that.  The pictures on the Babies ’R’Us ads already make me feel that way.  I don’t need no stinking ghost!

Well Casper, I think you’ve over stayed your welcome.  You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.  I’m not even sure if I know what it is or how to do it, but I think it’s time to get the sage out and have an old fashioned smudging.

What’s that Casper?  You don’t think me staying at home is that bad after all?

6 thoughts on “SPOOKED

  1. You can talk to him and tell him the world has changed, that lots of dads take great care of their children. Ella can still see them in our house…I won’t say anything to her, and bring her for a visit if you want. Who’s the psychic you see? Maybe I’ll go see her sometime. This house is loaded with spirits.

  2. I have this same mobile, precious planet by fisherprice and it randomly comes on. It is remote activated so i think somethin by is interfering with it

  3. I have that same mobile…the one in your picture and I just woke up to the heartbeat and projection. It went on by itself, how the heck does that happen? Sleeping with the light on now for awhile, and yes there is going to be a smudging tomorrow.

    1. It’s probably just a fluke in the radio frequency, but it’s still unnerving either way. Especially in the middle of the night!

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