Valentine’s Day at school was always a beacon of light in the middle of a long dreary winter. Winter break had ended long ago and spring break seemed so far away it was pointless to get excited about. We were in the daily doldrums of cold bleak winter weather, battling illness sweeping through the school, and of course, boring school work. Sheets of hand-outs and work-packets, or as my teachers called them; dittos. Dittos for us to complete math problems and practice our perfect cursive handwriting. But for one day, one day in the middle of the darkness, for at least an hour, we had Valentine’s Day.

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Before Ellie was born, we bought a scrapbook so we could collect Ellie’s milestones in one place. Pictures of her first birthday, Doctor visit measurements, her first drawings, and ultra-sound pics. You know, that sort of stuff. The only problem is that Ellie is now almost two and a half and the book is empty. So before she turned 18, I wanted to get caught up. And with it being Mother’s Day, I thought making a scrapbook of Ellie’s first two years would make a perfect gift for Aya.

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