Dear Bunnee,

We get to meet you soon! I hope I was able to keep you warm, safe, and comfortable. I hope you were able to get everything you need from mama to be as healthy and strong as possible. It’ll be a scary transition to come outside from the safety of mama’s belly, but sooo many people are excited to meet you, and you are going to be loved SO much! I’m going to miss having you in my tummy and feeling your kicks, your yoga stretches, your hiccups…but I CAN’T WAIT to hold your tiny body in my arms and feel your warmth against my chest.
We’ll see you soon!

xoxo Mama

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Dear Bunnee,

My belly is so tight that I can no longer tell the difference between a Braxton Hicks contraction, and you moving. Mama had a prenatal massage today and the massage therapist was convinced you were coming out this weekend. She said “wow, she’s trying to touch the ceiling!” while mama was lying down. I’m excited to meet you, but I’d be lying if I said mama’s not nervous either. But I know it’s going to be a lot of work for you too. One thing I know for sure; I know we’re going to make a good team together.

xoxo Mama

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And the pregnancy dreams continue. There’s never a dull moment inside my head during the night while sleeping.

I was at a child’s birthday party at Saddam Hussein’s house. Yes, Saddam Hussein.  And we were the only two guys there. Just my luck. And he was so excited that he wasn’t the only one. So excited that he kept me in the kitchen while the moms and kids partied in the other room. “Come, please sit, and eat,” he offered with a warm smile but slightly awkward.



My house is starting to get crowded. Ellie has her inner demon, Eloise, and Aya has her alter ego, Velma. And to cope with these added personalities, I turn into sorry Charlie. He can be found hiding in the closet crying while eating a Snickers bar.

Eliie and Eloise can be a handful, but Velma can be difficult on a whole other level.

Velma’s emotions are extreme. She’s either super happy and excited (like eyes dilated, crazy smile, jazz hands happy), cranky, or worn-out tired and crying. Or sometimes, she can be just plain scary.

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I feel fortunate to be able to say that Aya is pretty easy to live with. She does have her quirks, and I know I have mine, but we can be pretty easy going. And since I manage so much around the house between cooking, cleaning, yard maintenance, and home repairs, she’s always saying “thank you” and telling me how much she appreciates it. She’s never harping on me and shoving a “honey do” list in my face. I can even leave the garage a mess or the basement trashed for months and she won’t say a word. And other than being restricted from using the coupon book, I can usually do whatever I want without question.

However, there is something about pregnancy that is extracting the naggy wife deep within her and bringing it to the surface not only making her a back seat driver in the car, but in life. My life.

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