My house is starting to get crowded. Ellie has her inner demon, Eloise, and Aya has her alter ego, Velma. And to cope with these added personalities, I turn into sorry Charlie. He can be found hiding in the closet crying while eating a Snickers bar.

Eliie and Eloise can be a handful, but Velma can be difficult on a whole other level.

Velma’s emotions are extreme. She’s either super happy and excited (like eyes dilated, crazy smile, jazz hands happy), cranky, or worn-out tired and crying. Or sometimes, she can be just plain scary.

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When Aya was pregnant with Ellie, she had absolutely no morning sickness or any aversions to food. Not only was she not disgusted by any food, she didn’t have any cravings either. At least, nothing unusual from her usual cravings as an exotic food loving person. (Her cravings kicked in postpartum when she’d send me to Dunkin’Donuts for a triple chocolate donut at 4am while she was nursing. Donuts? I wasn’t complaining.) But with this pregnancy, it’s been a whole different ball game.

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