Every year my wife “vulture-izes” (as my mom calls it) the turkey carcass. Every little bit of meat is scraped clean and either eaten during this process or saved aside for future use. With these scavenged bones, wings and legs, I make a hearty homemade turkey broth. This broth makes the perfect base to make turkey ramen! (Now, when I say ramen, I’m not talking about authentic Japanese ramen. So all you ramen purists out there, keep that in mind.)

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Ramen Noodles

It’s Noodle Week folks! And what’s a better way to kick off Noodle Week than with the Japanese classic, Ramen Noodles. I thought I knew what ramen noodles were. They were those packs of noodles you could buy 50 for a dollar at the grocery store. I pretty much lived on ramen noodles all through college. But when I met Aya, I was schooled on what ramen noodles really were. You can add all kinds of stuff to them, but tonight was the typical hard boiled egg, pork, vegetables, and buttered corn with a pork broth soup. I don’t have a recipe because I used the instant pack her mom sent to us. Aya is a ramen noodle snob and thinks the American packets just don’t come close. My response to that is that Japan doesn’t know how to make hot dogs. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.