DS_2013_02_01aI’m no stranger to crazy dreams. I once had a dream with flying vampire pigs that ate my brother that was so realistic, I Googled “flying vampire pigs” in the morning to see if they actually existed. I thought for sure they were from some old Transylvanian folk lore that my subconscious somehow picked up on. But I remember feeling disappointed when my search results came up null. “It was so real,” I thought to myself.

It’s amazing how our minds can make something ridiculous into something so frightening. Flying vampire pigs sounds so laughable, but in my dream they sure weren’t and they were as real as you or I.

Now that Ellie has started to have bad dreams, it’s even more amazing to see what her mind turns into scary things.

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It’s pretty hard to complain about things these days. Things have been good lately. Almost too good.

Ellie eats well, sleeps at night and even takes naps. Ellie wouldn’t take regular naps for the longest time. She would beat me down and beat me up. The next day she’d do it again and I’d let her.

In the early spring, I finally decided to put the smack down on her and I won. You can read all about that weeklong epic battle on my blog for the details if you’d like. (You already know the ending, but the brawl sure did produce some unexpected events.) But since I won and she has been napping now, I feel like I’ve been on Easy Street.



After yesterday’s naptime fight, I knew what to expect. This made me very confident, almost cocky. I was ready. I could handle it. If she was going to cry for an hour and half again, bring it. Let’s do this! I was developing a thicker skin. I could feel it. I didn’t need to wear a Rocky T-shirt or listen to the movie soundtrack to pump me up. I was already pumped up. While she was eating her breakfast I had a little bounce in my step. I felt like how Apollo Creed did just before he was going to fight the Russian. But the same as he did, I drastically underestimated my opponent.

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