I like how every kid has their own secret language that only their parents can understand. This is more evident when children are just learning to talk. It’s not just a matter of decoding mispronounced syllables. It really is a mysterious language of grunts that few people can decipher. Since I’m the one who spends more time with the girls, it feels extra special when Aya doesn’t even have a clue what they are saying, but I do.

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DS_2013_02_01aI’m no stranger to crazy dreams. I once had a dream with flying vampire pigs that ate my brother that was so realistic, I Googled “flying vampire pigs” in the morning to see if they actually existed. I thought for sure they were from some old Transylvanian folk lore that my subconscious somehow picked up on. But I remember feeling disappointed when my search results came up null. “It was so real,” I thought to myself.

It’s amazing how our minds can make something ridiculous into something so frightening. Flying vampire pigs sounds so laughable, but in my dream they sure weren’t and they were as real as you or I.

Now that Ellie has started to have bad dreams, it’s even more amazing to see what her mind turns into scary things.

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