2014_02_17aI’ve made veggie tacos a few times before with beans in place of meat. You really lose some texture with no meat, but the over abundance of cheese seemed to overshadow that loss. Now that we are trying vegan tacos and not having the cheese, I wanted to try something without a mushy texture and this recipe seemed to fit the bill.

I wasn’t too keen on going down the tempeh road again though. I had tried tempeh a few years back with Aya and I don’t remember it fondly. But one main reason of our vegan month is to try new things, so I ignored my hesitation and decided to give it a go.

To my surprise, I found this to be a great substitute for meat. It had a ground beefy texture, and all the taco type spices really covered up the tempeh taste. Add in avocado, cilantro, olives, and all the other fixin’s and it makes a really good taco!

There is a difference in taste with the meat obviously, but I’d assume any open-minded meat eater would appreciate this version.



Tempeh Tacos

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