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One Japanese food that’s always good to eat is korokke (croquette). Korokkes are a mashed potato patty with a filling coated in panko and then deep fried. Fillings can vary. Meat, cheese, vegetables, and all the combinations. While it’s fun to eat, it’s not super fun to make because they are very labor intensive. That’s why I usually only make them once a year and make enough to keep in the freezer. And with a mountain of leftover mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving dinner, it’s the perfect time to make them.

I usually make a few different types. Some with sweet potato filling, corn and peas, turkey, and plain. But my favorite is the ultimate Thanksgiving korokke. You take a little bit of all the leftovers and put them inside one. Turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, and a tiny bit of cranberry relish. It’s a great way to work through all those leftovers.

Since I freeze them, they are perfect to put in the kid’s lunches, too. If I ration them carefully, they will last a good six months or so.

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