Just after the New Year, I went to work to realign Ellie’s sleep schedule. It was a weeklong event complete with unexpected plot twists and turns. But in the end, I had made major progress and had continued it for the week after too. But just as we were building up momentum to seal the deal, she’d get a cold, or Bruce the Molar King would show up again. So here we are, almost two months later, and I’m pretty much back to square one.

She’s had about three colds since the beginning of the year and two or three intense teething phases. Add that all together and that makes for pretty rough sleep… for everyone. Now, with the cold faded and the teething issues in remission, I’ve been able to finally get her naps back on schedule (for the most part). It’s just the night time that remains to be the biggest obstacle.

I admit, my ‘winging it’method proved to be a failure. My parental instincts had failed me due to overconfidence and inexperience. But I am now deep in the research phase of reading books, articles, and consulting other parents to prepare my retaliation plan. I’m not ready yet, but when I am, I will return to the front lines an educated man with a renewed confidence and determination. It’s time I take my title back. No, for real, I mean it. I won’t take things so lightly this time.

So until I have a confident, solid, and consistent plan ready to implement, I sit alone at night reading by candle light (not really, it just sounds more dramatic and sneaky) plotting my grand triumphant return.

Just wait Ellie. There’s a storm coming. And I think you better get your rain boots and poncho on because it’s gonna be a big one.

Actually, just grab a pillow, your teddy bear, and close your eyes. It’s that simple, trust me… pleeease.

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