When Aya was pregnant with Ellie, we took the weekly profile picture of Aya’s belly. But for this pregnancy, she wanted to do something different. Aya follows a few blogs that have pregnancy series and wanted to do the same. Each week, she writes a letter to the baby, and then writes about her feelings at the moment for that week. Pair that with some colorful backgrounds from around town and a pregnant belly and you have the Bunnee Bump series.

But why the “Bunnee Bump?”

Ellie’s in utero nickname was Gigi. This time around, we let Ellie pick the nickname and she said, “Bunnee!!!”

You get to hear my views all the time, but now you can get to the other side of the story.

The Series starts at Week 16.

Week 16




Week 17




Week 18




Week 20




Week 21




Week 22




Week 23




Week 24




Week 26




Week 29




Week 31




Week 38




Week 39




Week 40




Week 41

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