Ellie’s nap situation is getting out of hand.  I’ve completely lost control.  I didn’t have much to begin with, but what little control I did have is completely gone.  Every day I live in fear.  Once 12:30pm rolls around I become anxious and uneasy.  I start trying to think of excuses to leave the house so I won’t have to try to put her down for a nap.  I’ve started to realize that maybe I’m a softie.  Maybe I need to be more aggressive.  Maybe I’m a bit of a pushover.  But it all stops now.  It’s time to take my gloves off and deal with this head on, face to face.  Starting tomorrow on “Monday… Monday … Monday,” Ellie vs. Dad in a no-holds-barred five-day shake down.  Only one will be left standing.

I have been against crying it out since day one.  I always thought there had to be a better way.  How could I let my little baby just cry and cry and cry alone in her crib?  It seemed inhumane.  I know other parents have done it successfully and I don’t judge them, but I just didn’t think I could handle it.  So I bought a book, the “No Cry Sleep Solution” by Elizabeth Pantley.  The suggestions from this book seemed to work great for her night time sleeping routine. But on occasion, we did, and still do, need to let her cry it out.  Since she is older now, I seem to be more open to the idea and realize it may be a necessity.

When she was just an infant and everything was new to her, she had a free pass.  If it took two hours for her to fall asleep at night, I’d be there rocking her, singing to her, whatever it took.  If the only way for her to take a nap during the day was to go for an hour walk, I’d do it.  It seemed so wrong to abandon her when life itself was brand new.  But now, she’s getting to be a big kid.  She knows I’m there.  She knows I’m not going to let anything bad happen.  She needs to know that when I say it’s time to sleep, it’s time to sleep.

I do feel like I have tried the other methods and just haven’t been successful.  I tried rocking her, going for walks, leaving her alone, “quiet time,” car rides, music, no music, reading to her, not reading to her, etc.  Nothing worked as a good option. I received advice and comments from some other moms and I have decided to try this “cry it out” plan for her naps.  The plan is to be consistent for five days straight.  I’ll have a pre-nap routine, followed by leaving her in the crib until she falls asleep.  I will return to lay her down every twenty minutes (if I can last that long) so she knows I haven’t abandoned her.  We’ll see how it goes.  My heart rate is up already.

Part of me still feels like this is cruel and unusual punishment, but I’m ready to deal with it.  I’m ready to take a few hits. I know they’ll be hard hits, too. But I have my mouth guard in and a spit bucket nearby.  This won’t be easy, but I’m confident I’ll be the last one standing.  And she’ll be left sleeping, happily, in her crib.

Ellie vs. Dad

Starting Monday @ 12:30pm

In the crib

Only five rounds

Guaranteed KNOCK OUT!

Stay tuned…

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5 thoughts on “THE FACEOFF

  1. matt! I am so scared for you! I tried to do the “cry it out” with zayna at an older age (around 10 months) and it was bad….she just ended up snotty and I ended up with a migraine….i was much better at leavin her alone to cry when she was little cuz I felt like it didnt hurt her feelings the way it does now…now i just stay in her room until she falls asleep in her crib….good luck to you, I hope you win!! =) (sorry if this was not the most encouraging post hehe)

  2. Has anyone given odds? Is anyone taking bets? We could make some cash on this event………… Do you still have connections in Vegas?

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