It started out NOT like any other morning.  I was up way too late the night before, so when morning came around, I was not feeling it.  I remember Aya leaving at 6:30am saying “I think Ellie is starting to wake up.”  I grumbled okay, and fell back to sleep.

I finally woke up about 8:00am after hearing Ellie whine loud enough through the baby monitor.  I looked at the clock confused.  8:00am?  And then again, 8:00am!? She had been awake waiting for me to get her for an hour and a half!?  Yikes!  I ran downstairs to throw her bottle together as quick as possible.  I then opened her door with a big confident smile (so it didn’t look like I messed up) saying, good morning! But like I said, it was NOT like any other morning.

I quickly realized something was off.  Literally.  She had taken her pajamas off, AND her diaper.  She was lying on her back naked smiling at the ceiling and kicking her feet… in her poop which was smeared on the sheets.  Ah man!  She didn’t say “uh oh” this time, but she smiled proudly like “I took it off all by myself!”  You sure did sweetie, you sure did.

She’s been trying more and more to be independent lately.  She’s desperately trying to put her shoes and socks on by herself.  And while she’s still struggling with how to dress herself, she certainly has figured out how to take things off.

Well, this serves me right I guess.  This is what I get for sleeping in.  At least it was laundry day.

5 thoughts on “UH OH… AGAIN!?

  1. Consider yourself lucky….stories abound of Greg as a baby doing the same, nearly everyday…only he would play with it! His family always said he had a thick head of hair because it was well fertilized . YUUUCK!

  2. Poop! Reminds me of the smile Abdullah gives when he’s done being what we call, “Pu-Poo Dude.” Pure relief mixed with pure mischief.

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