IMG_2776_editNothing says Merry Christmas like Kentucky Fried Chicken and tons of sushi.

When I was reading up on Japan before my first visit 12 years ago to meet Aya’s parents, I learned that having KFC for Christmas dinner was a thing. Really? KFC is a thing in Japan!? Yes, it is. Something about a wonderful marketing campaign from 1974, but I won’t bore you with the details here.

Ever since I learned this about Japanese Christmas, I’ve always wanted to do it, and this year we got to! They have a special menu to choose which Christmas Set you want. We opted for a smaller one because we were going to have sushi too. We went and stood in line to pick up our pre-ordered meal and everything! I knew it was Christmas because the smell of fried chicken and cake was in there air. Yum!

IMG_2762_editThe other thing that’s big here at Christmas is cake. Just about every bakery has special Christmas cakes that you can pre-order. To me it seemed like Fat Tuesday back in Detroit. It was just something you had to participate in no matter if you wanted to or not. Even 7/11 and the other convenience stores had display booths outside with employees dressed as Santa selling Christmas Cake. You could buy slices or a whole cake. We got to brave the crowd and stand in line to pick that up too. I was never so excited standing in line on Christmas Eve before.

IMG_2771_editIMG_2773_editIMG_2779_editIMG_2785_editThe girls had a blast devouring sushi rolls and fried chicken. Ellie got to blow the Christmas candles out and we each had TWO pieces of cake. This was definitely a Christmas Eve for the books.

IMG_2799_editIMG_2800_editIMG_2803_editNow just to get to bed to see what Santa brings the girls!

Have a Merry Christmas!IMG_2788_edit

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