Untitled_Panorama2_editWe started off the day with a nice breakfast out, juiced up on some coffee and were ready to go out on the town.

What I like about a Japan is that even a stroll around the neighborhood can be very exciting. Everything from the street signs, to the cars, the buildings, and restaurants, everything is very different. I especially love the side streets in the neighborhoods. Everybody seems like they live on a little back alleyway, but they are real two-way streets complete with sidewalks. I don’t believe it until a car comes by and everyone moves.

IMG_2528_editIMG_2730_editIMG_2744_editWe didn’t really have a destination other than to pick up a few things from the 100 yen store (the dollar store). While we were there, we decided to get crepes for lunch.

IMG_2661_editIMG_2111_editAya’s parents live a block away from a shrine and we walk by it every time we go into town. It’s always neat to see this in the middle of the neighborhood. I like the juxtaposition it has to everything around it. Ellie likes to rest here from all the walking on the way home. It’s a nice quiet spot away from the hustle of the city.

IMG_2723_editIMG_2726_editWe have a pretty good view of the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower from Aya’s parent’s balcony. Every night I see it lit up in the distance and always want to see it up close. Finally, after the kids were asleep, Aya and I were able to scoot out and be gawking tourists for a bit. Of course I bought a mug because I’m a total sucker for a good gift shop. It was great to be out, because tomorrow we are staying in for our very special family Christmas Eve dinner!IMG_2698_editIMG_2705_editIMG_2717_edit

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