Last week was our town’s art fair and Ellie and I sure did spend our fair share of time there.  We went every day, sometimes even twice.  The weather was great so it was mainly a great excuse to be out and about and feel the excitement in our small little town.  Sometimes we went as a family, sometimes we hung out with friends, sometimes we went solo, and sometimes I went solo.  But on the third day of the art fair, my main goal was to get lunch.  A pulled pork sandwich from this BBQ master guy to be specific.  I had split one with Aya earlier in the week and I wanted more.

When we got downtown, Ellie and I did the obligatory loop around to see the “art” before going right for the food.  And while we were looping, a friend called suggesting I try the ribs instead of the pulled pork.  I’m not a huge ribs guy, but with a personal recommendation like that, it seemed silly to pass on the opportunity.

After purchasing my ribs, covered in BBQ sauce, we headed for the seating area to see the local jazz band play while we ate.  I packed a lunch for Ellie because it seemed wrong to feed her BBQ pork ribs.  So I brought her yogurt, bread, and some fruit.  Just about the only things she’s been eating lately.

When it came to packing her bag, I packed kind of light because I figured we wouldn’t be gone long.  So I brought no change of clothes, with only one diaper, and just a few wipes.  She had pooped three times before we left and she usually gets poop anxiety when we are out and about.  (At the mall, store, museum, or any other public place, I’ve never had to change a poopy diaper.)  So you could say I wasn’t expecting to need to change her diaper.

I was eating my ribs and she was eating her yogurt.  The sun was out and the air was hot.  Things were good.

When I went to clean her up I realized she didn’t have the bib with a pocket to catch all of the food that missed her mouth.  Oh man, she had a pile of yogurt in her lap.  How’d I miss that!?  And then when I started to clean her up, I noticed she had leaked.  And badly!  And she smelled like poop.  Her leggings and dress were soaked.  Ahhh!

I stood there with my hands and face covered in BBQ sauce panicking.  Do I tail it home while she sits in her own filth?  Do I try to change her here and put her back in her soaked clothes?  While debating what to do, I grabbed my camera and took her picture.  (It seemed like the right thing to do.)  And then I remembered, my friend lives just down the street.  If she was home, maybe she’d help in the rescue efforts and provide a change of clothes for Ellie.  Yes, it seemed like the best option.

When we got there, Ellie walked in like she owned the place.  Like she was an old family friend who was excited to be back visiting.  “Hey, it’s been a long time!  I need some clean pants because I took a dump in mine.  Let’s go upstairs, I’ll follow you!”

We were provided with a fresh change of clothes and given a little privacy while we handled the “sh*tuition.”  I was feeling better about our mishap.  We were lucky.  With Ellie changed and in fresh clothes, we needed to head back downstairs.  But Ellie had other plans.  She wanted to run into all of their rooms.  Ellie, come back!  Don’t go in there!  And then she shut the baby gate at the top of the stairs.  I went to open it and it wouldn’t open.  Oh no!  Ellie, you locked us up here!  She giggled at me.  I tried opening it again and it seemed stuck.  I didn’t want to force it open and break it.  I whisper-shouted for my friend, “Kelly?…. Kelly?”  Dang, she didn’t hear that.  With one more try we got it open and Ellie was happily crawling down the stairs.  “Hey Kelly, thanks for the clean drawers, they go with my shades.  Nice place, I like it.  Let’s get together again real soon.  (hugs and smooches) Evelyn, gimme a hug!  See you next week!”

And just like that, we were back on the road.  How cool was that?  The rescue mission was a success.  Now for the real dilemma; should I stop for another elephant ear or not?

2 thoughts on “A LEAK, AND A RESCUE

  1. Too funny! Same thing sort of happened to us, but I wasn’t lucky enough to be rescued. We spent the day at my Mom’s & I thought I brought enough diaper (10 is usually a days worth). Well, Benjamin had what I guess you would call a “blow out” up the back, everywhere. I went into the diaper bag, not a single diaper was left. Searched the car, nothing. Poor guy had to drive home commando style. If only I would have packed 11.

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