It’s not the 1950s anymore. A man can stay home, manage the house and take care of the kids, and do it with grace, compassion, skill, and full-on badassery. And that’s exactly what I do. Homemaker? NO WAY!

I’m the Domestic Specialist.

I used to work as an interior designer for an architectural firm in Detroit, MI. I used to travel to New York, Toronto, Paris, and Las Vegas for my job. But when I was laid-off soon after the birth of my daughter, I found myself trading in my computer bag for a diaper bag as I assumed the role of Stay-At-Home Dad while my wife continued to work. After staying home for a few months, we realized that our situation was working very well for our family.

It was nice to not have the stress of daycare, or having to drop off and pick up our child from my parent’s house every day. Our evenings were much more relaxed and productive, too. It seemed like a win-win for everybody so I officially decided to stay home. However, I didn’t like the term “homemaker,” so I refer to myself as a “Domestic Specialist.” This is my story of managing the everyday challenges of domestic life while being the best dad I can be to two wonderful daughters.

My wife, Aya, is Japanese making our family a multicultural family. I often reference Japanese words or phrases or just talk about the culture and how it affects our household. The most I knew about Japan before I met Aya was from the Mr. Roboto song by Styx. But now after having been to Japan several times and can say “this is delicious” and “where’s the bathroom” in Japanese, I know a little more. And hopefully as we raise bilingual children, we can keep some of the Japanese culture and traditions in our own household for them to grow up with.

I’m a pretty laid-back and easy-going guy, but I can also be extremely socially awkward. I love food, coffee, music, the Rocky movies, cooking, building things, cutting the grass, and most of all, my family. I love being a parent, a dad, and a stay-at-home dad. I created this site as my creative outlet and to help me always keep looking at the bright side of things. Even in the mundane routines of domestic life, there is always a good story if you just keep your eyes open.

12 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Matt, your writing is wonderful!! You should think about a new career..I’m serious!! I’ve just spent an hour and a half reading posts from your blog, and I find it as entertaining as any novel…you have a way with words, young man.

  2. Matt, love getting to read all your stories! So proud to get to call you my little brother from another mother!!!


  3. i stumbled across your blog from ksenija’s blog – you are an amazing writer and photographer (and dad!)! and now you have a new fan. looking forward to reading more

  4. I would have never come across your blog if you hadn’t lost your diaper bag! I’m happy you got donations to cover the expenses for a new camera.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog and I am addicted. I can relate to how you feel like you are being constantly judged because you are a man who is trying everyday to do a mom’s job. I feel the same way but with my deafness and feeling like I’m in a glass bowl, being judged about whether I am a good mom or not. I do have A LOT of these “aw, crap” moments!!!

    Meeting you today was the highlight of my day!

    – The deaf mom you met today at the library

  5. Hi, Matt. I ran across this blog on your sister-in-law’s wall. You see your sister-in-law is my niece and I have met your beautiful wife a few times through Kristen. I believe we even met briefly at their wedding. I will be checking this blog frequently and will enjoy watching your darling little girl grow up across the miles.
    p.s. I see taking great pictures runs in your family! Well done.

  6. Matt, I am a friend of your moms and I always enjoyed what you wrote in the past and now again enjoying your new blog..Keep up the great work/pics…your stories put a smile on my face..thank you–margherita

  7. Hey Matt,
    Love all your stories! Great way to stay connected. I can’t believe your girls are so big. I remember reading one of your first blogs about the birth of your first daughter. Can you believe it has been more than 15 years since college. Time flies. Its really cool that you are capturing your kids life in story.


    1. Thanks Rachel! Great to hear from you. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy, I graduated high school 20 years ago! Hope you are doing well. 🙂

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