We managed to get another half day out on the town by ourselves and decided to go to Shibuya.  Shibuya is like Japan’s time square.  There are tons and tons and tons of people, flashy lights, TVs as big as buildings, shopping shopping shopping, weirdos and tourists.  There’s an energy in the air in Shibuya that’s very exciting.  There is so much to look at it makes you feel like you have ADD.  We saw TVs show being filmed and magazine shoots taking place on the streets.  Aya was there to shop, and I was there, well, just to look around.  While she shopped, I roamed the streets and then listened to music at a CD store.  And when Aya was over 20 minutes late in meeting me, I made her buy me a dessert crepe.


      1. Which is a new boy band, which makes it even funnier. Who calls themselves “Sexy Zone”??? Japanese boy bands do.

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