I had planned on writing a post called, “Confessions,” where I’d air my dirty laundry.  I would confess to all the lazy parenting things I do that I feel guilty about.  In doing that, I was hoping it would spark a change and help me break some bad habits before they got worse.  Nothing major, just a bunch of little things.  But before I could fess up, I got caught.

Every morning when I get Ellie out of her crib, I change her diaper, then I give her a bottle, and then read to her while she drinks.  Or should I say, I used to.  I have been so lazy in the mornings and as the summer went on, I got lazier and lazier.  Instead of reading to her I’d bring her downstairs and we’d watch Yo Gabba Gabba while she drank her milk.  And then instead of that, I’d bring her into my bed and we’d stare at the ceiling fan while she drank.  I eliminated the reading because I was too lazy and didn’t feel like it.

I justified by convincing myself it was fun for her.  She liked laying in my big bed with a big pillow.  She wanted me to lay next to her with my eyes closed and ignore her, right?

Well, after a few weeks of the new routine, Ellie put her foot down.  I brought her into bed like usual but she slid right off the bed, pointed to her room and said, “book!”  What she was really saying was, “Dad! Get off your lazy butt and read to me!  Bring the bottle too, I’m thirsty!”  BUSTED!

It’s not much of a confession when you get called out on it. She knew I was lazy the whole time.  But at least I’ve restored the morning reading sessions.

I wonder how long it’ll take for her to bust me on the other things I need to work on?


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