What a week.  Ellie wasn’t the same kid this week.  She was crazy.  She wasn’t eating right or sleeping right.  She was a handful at the grocery store, and she even cried at story time.  She never cries at story time!  She definitely had molars coming in, and I think she had a small cold this week, too.  It was a lot to handle.  It was a lot for her to handle.  I often forget that.

It’s really easy for me to whine and complain when Ellie is whining and complaining.  It’s so easy to get frustrated and irritable when she’s pawing at my pant leg while I’m trying to fix her food.  Or when she cries while sitting down and when I pick her up.  Or when nothing can help her.  When neither of us can figure out what she wants.  It just makes me nuts.  But something happened this week that made me look at it differently.

Ellie was standing at the front window playing peek-a-boo with her own reflection.  She would pause, and then smile, and then she’d fall to her knees and whine and cry.  And then she’d stand up again and play peek-a-boo.  She did this for quite awhile.  When she noticed I was watching her, she tilted her head sideways coyly and smiled.  How could I be frustrated with that?  You had to admire her spirit.  This is tough for her, too.  And there she was, picking herself up and trying to push through.

She’s just as lost and confused as I am.  This is all new to her too!  And it must be extremely frustrating for her that she can’t communicate what she needs.  To depend completely on me, and have me not “get it.”  But yet, she keeps getting up, and keeps on smiling.  When I’m weak and weary I need to remember that and follow her example.

That’s my girl.

One thought on “CAN’T KNOCK HER DOWN

  1. Matt, you have a neighbor(friend) who adores children…you can call me any time..I could keep Ellie occupied while you cook or just take a breath….and then leave as soon as things calm down. I would be very non-obtrusive. Think about it.

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